How to get organized - 7 ways to organize your life now

Being organised helps you out on all levels in life, the organization methods helps you get more done in less time. Also you can manage and keep track of all the events of life and if you keep a journal on what things need to be done then you can change accordingly as well if something pops up suddenly. House Cleaning Ballard has some tips on the secrets of organised people. 

  1. Find a place for everything 

When house cleaning, return everything home after you finish using it. When you go shopping, know where you will place an object, be it a piece of furniture or a work of art, before taking it home. 

  1. Pick a purpose for everything 

When house cleaning, this allows you to configure each room the way you use it. Sometimes the function is obvious (think: kitchen and bathroom), but many rooms have multiple purposes. In these cases, an order can be created by dividing the zones

  1. Buy less stuff 

When house cleaning, some people are minimalist. It's okay if you're not. But never take something because it's on sale or it's free. Hidden costs include maintaining the item or the error of deleting it.

  1. Keep surfaces clutter-free

When house cleaning, follow this general rule: if you use it every day, it stays; If not, save it. Think about how often you use an article and let it decide how "immobile" you should occupy on the surfaces. Take the kitchen counter, for example. Maybe the coffee maker and toaster may remain, but the food processor disappears.

  1. Don’t wait to put things away 

When house cleaning, before throwing something on a table or chair, always ask yourself: “Does it belong here. For example, instead of putting a coat on a chair, hang it up. It takes a few seconds Bonus: you will spend less time looking for it later.

  1. Choose multifunctional furniture pieces

When house cleaning, look for furniture that performs a double function: a container pouf that can corner magazines or books, a table with drawers to store the remote control, a shelf that can be used as a bedside table.

  1. They value the time 

When house cleaning, organized people always seem to be able to do everything. But the only reason they manage their workloads so well is to work smarter, not harder. Organized people know that they cannot do everything alone. They delegate responsibilities wisely and know who they can trust to do the job. If you have difficulty with some household chores, add them. You will be surprised at what you can do with your new free time.


If you are struggling to organize yourself and looking for tips that can help with your routine/schedule then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Ballard experts who are always looking to help you out in every possible method or book an appointment with House Cleaning Ballard now.