A Post Party clean up Guide that won't wear you Out

Organising a party for your friends or relatives requires a lot of planning from all the food to the decoration to which the guest list. This all can be overwhelming, but the real thing starts after the party ends when you have performed the cleaning. So before the party you must do what must be done and try to keep it minimal, so that you don’t have to go through a lot. House Cleaning Queen Anne has some tips on post-party cleanup for the host. 

  1. Get a clean start

When house cleaning, make sure your kitchen is clean before guests arrive. Take out the trash and put the new bags in their cans with the newspaper on the bottom to absorb grease and liquids. During house cleaning, wash the pots and pans you used to prepare snacks, start the dishwasher and empty it. Not only will your kitchen look good for guests, but it will have gone through half the cleaning even before things get started.

  1. Serve less messy food 

When house cleaning, if you plan to serve a multi-course meal at the party then it will keep you trapped in the kitchen, and then you will have to create many dishes. During house cleaning, serve the items you can make in advance. Avoid creating your own stations, like offering many sauces or sauces that can leave a lot of mess.

  1. Avoid expensive dinnerware

The parties are meant to be fun and festive, so no need to take out your expensive china. Opt for dishes and glasses suitable for the dishwasher. Choose stemless glasses that are less likely to tip over and easier to clean. During house cleaning, if you are hosting 20 or more guests, consider using biodegradable dishes, disposable and fun plastic cups that you can recycle

  1. Keep guests in limited space

During house cleaning, do not let the party go on in the whole house, otherwise you will spend the whole night looking for empty wine glasses and dirty dishes. Keep the doors closed or the spaces closed in a decorative way to encourage the company to move. Organize the party where you know that guests will feel most comfortable and will be easy for you to keep track of and will be easy to cleanup as well.

  1. Have helpful cleaning tools nearby

When house cleaning, keep a bottle with cold water and a clean cloth in the kitchen to collect spills before they set in and use portable stain removers at hand in case of any accidents. Keep a portable vacuum cleaner or small shovel and broom nearby to catch food that falls before it is crushed on the carpet.


If you are still looking for more post-party clean up tips then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Queen Anne experts who are always ready to help you out in every possible situation or book an appointment with House Cleaning Queen Anne now.