How to clean a fabric sofa?

A fabric sofa gives a very welcoming and warm look to your house. They can also be a nightmare when it comes to cleaning them. It is very common to find spills on the sofa and you have no other option then dealing with it, in a way that your fabric sofa can be revived in its original form. House cleaning Queen Anne has some tips that will help you know about the ways that can help you to keep your fabric sofa as good as new. 

  1. Review manufacturer's instructions 

When house cleaning, your manufacturer has given you a lot of instructions regarding the sofa you have bought.  This will not only let you know about the products that you can use to clean the sofa but also what methods are effective for cleaning what sort of stains of your fabric sofa. During house cleaning, if you fail to follow the manufacturer’s instructions it may harm your sofa and damage it. 

  1. Tags can answer your cleaning questions 

When house cleaning, sometimes there are no cleaning instructions mentioned along your product, so there is no need to panic. You can find tags, these tags contain a lot of information too. These tags will contain all the information related to water temperature, material, washing instructions and the products that should be used for the cleaning of the fabric. 

  1. Cleaning methods 

When house cleaning, most of the time we overlook the methods of cleaning that are either recommended by the manufacturer or that the labels or tags have mentioned. Well if your fabric sofa has faced some sort of  damage or stain from the use never miss out on the instructions and use those to clean your fabric sofa. During house cleaning, the most easy method of cleaning a sofa is with the help of water and soap mixture and then wiping it off with a clean microfiber cloth. 

  1. Steam clean your fabric sofa

When house cleaning, the first step to cleaning the sofa is to vacuum the sofa to remove all the gunk from the sofa, all the food particles of the sofa. Then steam cleans the fabric sofa, some of the steam cleaners require the cleaning/ drying of the sofa with the help of a microfiber cloth. you should always choose a clear day to perform the steaming so that you can let the window open and let the air pass through. Once the sofa has been steam cleaned then vacuum the sofa once again.  

  1. Vacuum clean your sofa 

When house cleaning, if you have any crumbs from eating or if you have pet hair on your fabric sofa you should use a vacuum cleaner to pick up all the food crumbs or pet hair from your sofa.  


If you are still looking for more fabric sofa cleaning tips then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Queen Anne experts who are ready to help you out in every situation. Moreover you can also book an appointment with House Cleaning Queen Anne for residential or commercial cleaning.