How to clean your multi-use electric pressure cooker?

The multipurpose electric pressure cooker, also known as the "magic pot", is today one of the most loved and favorite tools in all kitchens. From steaming the perfect portion of rice to preparing yogurt, the multipurpose electric pressure cooker is perfect for everyone. But one of the things his magic doesn't apply to is cleanliness.

The multipurpose electric pressure cooker cannot magically clean itself. So if you like using this wonderful kitchen tool, House Cleaning West Seattle some cleaning tips that will be helpful.

How to clean your multi-use electric cooker regularly 

When house cleaning, to regularly clean the multipurpose electric pressure cooker, you need to follow some of the simple steps. You would need a mild dish detergent, a toothbrush or an old toothbrush, hot water, a microfiber sponge, as well as cloths and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle.

During house cleaning, if an insert is present, it must be removed, including the inner pot. Using the toothbrush or toothbrush, remove the food that has dried out and got stuck in corners and cracks and on the outside of the pressure cooker. Spray the vinegar on a microfibre cloth and clean the outside of the magic jar. 

When house cleaning, then mix hot water with dishwashing liquid in the kitchen sink and wash the magic pot by hand with a microfiber sponge. It is similar to washing dishes. It is important to thoroughly clean the electric pressure cooker, the inserts and the multipurpose lid. 

How to clean your electric pressure cooker occasionally 

When house cleaning, occasional cleaning should be deep cleaning, so in addition to the cleaning procedure described above you will also need hot water, mild dish detergent, microfibre cloths, a shallow pan and distilled white vinegar.

When house cleaning, first pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid into the hot water and fill the sink. It is necessary to carefully remove the float valve and use your hand to wash it with soapy liquid. Dry the valve completely and make sure there are no traces of liquid before replacing it with a dry microfiber cloth. It is also important to ensure that the float valve moves smoothly up and down after replacing it. Under the lid of the electric pressure cooker, you can find an anti-lock shield. You need to remove it before cleaning it, but you don't need to remove the steam valve. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the steam.

During house cleaning, then comes the cleaning of the sealing ring on the pressure cooker. The seal ring must be removed for proper examination. Check it carefully to make sure there are no cracks and see if it fits well.Take a shallow pan and pour in the distilled vinegar. It should be deep enough to immerse the sealing ring of the electric pressure cooker in vinegar for 5 minutes and let it rest. 


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